The only thing I love better than hearing a good story is telling a good story. For more than 20 years as a solo performer and storyteller, I have enjoyed sharing the great myths, fables, and folk tales that teach life lessons, add meaning to our existence, or just give us a good laugh. Here are few examples of some of my favorite storytelling performances that I would like to share with you.

The Noodle Head Tiger

The universal appeal of the Noodle Head story cannot be underestimated. You'll find Noodle Head stories in every culture, displaying airheads and numb skulls determined to avoid any actual thinking. This performance is from an Indian version and shows how greed can make you stupid.

Mantharaka's Rescue

This Indian story comes from the Panthatantra, a collection of fables and tales compiled between the third and fifth century. In this solo on stage version, a group effort saves a friend from certain death. The fables of the Panthatantra found their way to Europe and greatly influenced the Medieval European fables writers.

How Evil Produces Evil

Different forms of this allegory can be found in many different cultures, including Indian, German, Asian, and Arabian. This version comes from Italy, but the theme remains the same. The goal of this story is to teach you that there is an unperceived world beyond normal perceptions.